Handling of nests and accessories

It's been a long time since I posted it!

I thought that the cherry blossoms had passed the full bloom and became completely warm.

It was very cold and snowy today 🌨

At this time, ants became more active, and I'm thinking about adding more nests and moving.

I think there are many people.

When storing or cleaning the nests that are no longer in use, wash them with water and dry them in the shade.

All our nests, accessories and parts can be washed with water

Please do not place it in direct sunlight for drying or storage.

It does not deteriorate easily within the range of normal use,

When exposed to direct sunlight, deterioration may progress depending on the parts and nest parts.

I left it in direct sunlight for a trial, but it was a little brittle.

There was no problem with the same product that normally breeds ants indoors ^^

If you have any questions about other expansion or maintenance, please feel free to contact us!

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